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Things to Do in Santo Domingo

A mix of old and new, a city drenched in history and stunning landscapes—Santo Domingo is a unique destination offering a wealth of activity and interest to visitors of all ages. Art, culture, exceptional architecture, restaurants, shopping, and museums are abundant and just minutes away from the Hilton Santo Domingo. The city’s most impressive hotel, perched at the edge of the Caribbean, and soaring 21 stories high, our glorious property provides a tranquil haven to escape at the end of an exciting day in the colonial city.

Things To Do

The Columbus Alcazar

This stunning building served as a palace to the Great Admiral’s son, Don Diego Colon and his wife. Today, visitors can tour this museum and see artifacts and collections that showcase the lifestyle, art, and customs of the colonial era.

First Cathedral of America

The most important monument in Santo Domingo, this cathedral was the very first in the New World. The chapels were built later than the main temple, and until 1992 one chapel housed the remains of Christopher Columbus, which are now in the Columbus Lighthouse.

Ozama Fortress

This area borders the Ozama River and boasts cobblestone streets and an impressive group of buildings dating back to the 16th century. The palaces have been converted into fascinating museums, but many of the area’s oldest structures are now quaint bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Columbus Light House

Towering 688-feet, this monument is a popular sightseeing attraction and cultural center. The most outstanding and unique feature is the lighting system which, when illuminated, projects a gigantic cross in the sky that can be seen as far away as Puerto Rico.

Los Tres Ojos Cave

The floors of these caves are filled with beautiful circular lakes fed by the Brujuelas, a subterranean river. The sulfurous waters of the first lake are only 20 feet deep. The second, named La Nevera, drops to 15 degrees centigrade. The Women’s Lake, the third and smallest, is warm and shallow. The fourth lake is named Los Saramagullones after a species of ducks that inhabits it.

Amber Museum

This private museum features historical and scientific artifacts and exhibits that showcase the creation of amber. Interactive exhibits, special audio-visual technology and fascinating displays make for an educational and entertaining experience.

Boca Chica and Juan Dolio Beach

Spend an afternoon on either of these gorgeous white sand beaches. Linger under a coconut palm and gaze out at the Caribbean. End the day with a superior meal or tropical drink at one of the many seafood restaurants or bars.

Golf Courses

For a round of golf, you only need to venture 35 minutes from the hotel where there are 21 different courses. Enjoy the beautiful weather year-round and the oceanfront fairways and dogleg lefts around swaying coconut palms.

World Heritage Site

Just minutes from the hotel, this special area of the city has been designated a “World Heritage Site” and includes the Columbus Alcazar, First Street, Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Cathedral of Santo Domingo, Columbus Light House, Royal House Museum, Ozama Fortress, San Diego Gates, the National Zoo, Los Tres Ojos Cave, Mirador Sur Park, and the famous Amber Museum.


Taxis, buses, and rental cars are available in Santo Domingo.


The currency of Santo Domingo is the Dominican Peso.


A tropical paradise, the climate in Santo Domingo is warm throughout the year. Coastal winds cool off the area making it milder in the evenings.